• Phone: 617-353-3374
  • E-Mail:  mhagigi@bu.edu
  • Office: 520B
  • Office Hours: By Appointment
  • Address: Boston University Questrom School of Business
    595 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215
  • Education Open or Close

    Ph D, New York University Stern School of Business, Finance, 1981.

    M.Ph., New York University Stern School of Business, 1980.

    MBA, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel., Finance and Accounting, 1971.

    BA, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Economics and Social Sciences (Statistics, Political Science and Business Law), 1969.

  • Current CoursesOpen or Close

    GSM AC848 A1 Intermediate Accounting 2

    GSM AC848 B1 Intermediate Accounting 2

    GSM AC860 A1 Accounting for Risk Management

    SMG AC221 K1 Financial Accounting

    SMG AC348 A1 Intermediate Accounting II

    SMG AC348 B1 Intermediate Accounting II

  • PublicationsOpen or Close

    Journal Articles:

      Hagigi, M., & Shahla, S. (2015). Environmental Influences on Business Practices: The Case of Iran. Independent Business Review, 7(2), 1-15.

      Hagigi, M. (2013). The Impact of Compensation Schemes on Risk Attitude: A Comparison Between Bangladesh and US Decision-makers. Independent Business Review, 6(1), 1-12.

      Hagigi, M., & Lin, L. (2012). Attitude towards Risk and Entrepreneurship. School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh, 5(January 2012), 1 - 10.

    Working Papers:

      Hagigi, M., & Yu, K. A Potential Drawback of an Income Smoothing Strategy”..

      Hagigi, M., & Mosnja-Skare, L. Compensation Schemes and Inclination towards Risk-Taking: A Comparative Study of Three Countries.

  • Research PresentationsOpen or Close

    Accepted Lectures:

      Hagigi, M. (Author Only). 11th Annual International Conference on Accounting, 1-4 July 2013, Athens, Greece, Compensation Schemes and Inclination towards Risk-Taking: A Comparative Study of Three Countries, ATHENS INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, Athens, Greece. (July 2, 2013).

  • General ServiceOpen or Close

    Service to the School:

      Boston University, Faculty Council Member. (September 10, 2016 - Present).

      Boston University, Adviser, Humphrey Fellows Program. . (September 1, 1989 - June 30, 2014).

  • Conference ActivitiesOpen or Close

      Finance and Economics Conference, Lupcon Center for Business Research, Frankfurt, Germany., Earnings Management, Panelist. (July 5, 2013 - July 8, 2013).