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Profile Summary

Shulamit Kahn has been at Boston University’s School of Management since 1987. She received her Ph.D. from MIT in Economics in 1983, and taught at the University of California, Irvine in the intervening years. Her specialty is labor economics and human resources. Her recent and ongoing research revolves around two major topics. The first is the careers of male and female academics in science. Her present work in this area [joint with Donna Ginther] concentrates on academic careers in biomedicine and is being funded by National Institute on Aging of the NIH.

In another stream of current research joint with Megan MacGarvie , Professor Kahn is studying the contributions of foreign Ph.D. students to global knowledge creation and diffusion, entrepreneurship and innovation. This work, funded by the National Science Foundation, has been presented at universities and conferences around the world.

As part of her recent service to the University, she served on the BU College of Arts and Sciences Dean Search Committee and the BU Law School Dean Search Committee. In service related to women in academia, she sat on the American Economic Association’s Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession, was Chair of the Boston University Faculty Council’s Committee on Diversity, and was a co-author of “Major Findings of the 2006 Survey on Equity and Diversity at Boston University.”

She is currently teaching primarily undergraduates and is coordinator for a core SMG course on statistics/economics

  • Education Open or Close

    Ph D, MIT, Economics, 1983.

  • PublicationsOpen or Close

    Journal Articles:

      Kahn, S., Ceci, S., Ginther, D., Williams, W., (2014). Women in Academic Science: A Changing Landscape. Psychological Science in the Public Interest , 15(3), 75-141.

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    Book Chapters:

      Ginther, D., Kahn, S., (2014). Women's Careers in Academic Social Science: Progress, Pitfalls and Plateaus., Cambridge: Alessandro Lanteri and Jack Vromen, eds. The Economics of Economists -- Institutional Settings, Individual Incentives, and Future Prospects. Cambridge University Press.

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    Working Papers:

      Kahn, S., MacGarvie, M., Do Return Requirements Increase International Knowledge Diffusion? Evidence from the Fulbright Program.

      Kahn, S., MacGarvie, M., LaMattina, G., Ginther, D., Hobos, Stars and Immigrant Entrepreneurship.

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    Other Publications:

      Kahn, S., Ceci, S., Ginther, D., Williams, W., (2015). Women in Science: The Path to Progress.: Scientific American Mind.

      Kahn, S., Ceci, S., Ginther, D., William, W., (2014). Do Women Earn Less Than Men in STEM Fields?.: scientificamerican.com.

  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored ResearchOpen or Close

    Economic Explanations for Gender Differences in Biomedical Careers, National Institutes of Health. (September 15, 2009 - Present).

  • Research PresentationsOpen or Close

    Invited Lectures:

      Kahn, S., (Presenter & Author), Ginther, D., (Presenter & Author), the National Academy of Engineering Committee on Understanding the Engineering-Education Workforce Continuum Workshop on Pathways for Engineering Talent, The Engineering Education-Workforce Continuum, NAS: National Academic of Engineering, Washington DC. (November 19, 2014).

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      Kahn, S., (Author Only), Careers of Engineering PhD Women in the US 1980-2010: Equal treatment? Equal choices?, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. (March 10, 2013).

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    Accepted Lectures:

      Kahn, S., (Presenter & Author), Ginther, D., (Author Only), Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management annual meetings, Gender Differences in the Careers of Engineers, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Albuquerque NM. (November 7, 2014).

      Kahn, S., (Presenter & Author), Allied Social Science Association Annual Meetings., Postdoctoral Training and the Career Outcomes if Biomedical PhDs, American Economic Association, Philadelphia. (January 3, 2014).

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  • Editorial And Review ActivitiesOpen or Close

    Kahn, S., Ceci, S., Wendy, W., Frontiers in Psychology, Associate Editor, International, One-Time Editorship (Edited One Issue, Edition, Etc.), Appointed, Academic. (March 10, 2014 - Present).

    Invited and reviewed articles for special edition