• PHONE: 617-358-5864
  • EMAIL:  jalipuma@bu.edu
  • OFFICE: 502 (BSR)
  • OFFICE HOURS: By Appointment
  • ADDRESS: 143 Bay State Rd, Room 502, Boston, MA 02215
  • EDUCATION Open or Close

    DBA, Boston University, Strategy and Policy, 2007.

    MBA, SUNY at Buffalo, Finance; Management Science, 1982.

    BS MAGNA CUM LAUDE, SUNY College at Buffalo, Mathematics, 1978.

  • CURRENT COURSESOpen or Close

    GSM SI856 A1 International Entrepreneurship

    SMG SI422 B1 Strategy, Innovation, and Global Competition

    SMG SI422 D1 Strategy, Innovation, and Global Competition

  • PUBLICATIONSOpen or Close


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  • GENERAL SERVICEOpen or Close


      International, QST, Other Questrom Service Area, Mentor. (June 1, 2015 - August 12, 2016).
      Mentored two entrepreneurial ventures participating in the Summer Startup Camp 2015 and 2016