• PHONE: 617-353-0573
  • EMAIL:  blubin@bu.edu
  • WEBSITE: http://people.bu.edu/blubin/
  • OFFICE: 621A
  • OFFICE HOURS: By Appointment
    Questrom School of Business
    Rafik B. Hariri Building
    595 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215


After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Harvard University in 1999, Dr. Lubin joined BBN Technologies, the research and development firm where the first internet routers were developed, working on advanced multi-agent modeling, scheduling and logistics systems. After six years in industry, he returned to Harvard University to pursue a Ph.D. at the intersection of computer science, game theory and economics. He is now an Assistant Professor in the Information Systems department of the Boston University Questrom School of Business. His research is in three primary areas: (1) mechanism design, especially of combinatorial auctions and exchanges, mechanisms that support efficient reallocation of goods when participants have complex preferences regarding bundles of items, (2) the use of spectral graph theory to advance the analysis of social networks, and (3) applications of network science and machine learning to understanding and improving the healthcare delivery system. Dr. Lubin is a recipient of the Siebel Fellowship and a Yahoo Key Technical Challenge award. Portions of his research are funded by NIHCM and the Veterans Administration.