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    Journal Articles:

      Li, D., & Agha, L. (2015). Big Names or Big Ideas: Does Peer Review Select Top Science?. Science , 348(6233), 434-438.
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      Agha, L. (2014). The Effects of Health Information Technology on Costs and Quality of Medical Care. Journal of Health Economics,

    Working Papers:

      Agha, L., Abaluck, J., Kabrhel, C., Raja, A., & Arjun, V. Negative Tests and the Efficiency of Medical Care: What Determines Heterogeneity in Imaging Behavior?. : NBER Working Paper Series; revised and resubmitted to the American Economic Review.

      Agha, L., & Molitor, D. The Local Influence of Pioneer Investigators on Technology Adoption: Evidence from New Cancer Drugs. : NBER Working Paper Series.

    Other Publications:

      Agha, L., & Molitor, D. (2013). Location Matters: The Adoption of New Medical Technologies. Stanford: Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research Policy Brief.

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