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Profile Summary

For full information, please see my website at http://www.practicingeconomist.com/

  • Education Open or Close

    Ph D, Harvard University, Economics, 2011.

    AM, Harvard University, Economics, 2008.

    BA, Williams College, Economics, 2004.

  • Current CoursesOpen or Close

    SMG QM222 B1 Modeling Business Decisions & Market Outcomes

    SMG QM222 E1 Modeling Business Decisions & Market Outcomes

  • PublicationsOpen or Close

    Journal Articles:

      Ericson, K. M., Andreas, F., (2014). The Endowment Effect. Annual Review of Economics,

      Ericson, K. M., (2014). Consumer Inertia and Firm Pricing in the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Insurance Exchange. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 1(6), 38-64.

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      Ericson, K. M., Fuster, A., (2011). Expectations as Endowments: Evidence on Reference-Dependent Preferences from Exchange and Valuation Experiments. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 126(4), 1879-1907.

      Ericson, K. M., (2011). Forgetting We Forget: Overconfidence and Memory. Journal of the European Economic Association, 9(1), 43-60.

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      McClure, S., Ericson, K., Laibson, D., Loewenstein, G., Cohen, J., (2007). Time Discounting for Primary Rewards. Journal of Neuroscience,

  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored ResearchOpen or Close

    "How are Physician Referral Networks Affected by Physician Practice Ownership and Limited Coverage Network Insurance Products", Health Care Management Research and Educational Foundation (NIHCM Foundation). (November 5, 2014 - December 31, 2015).

  • Editorial And Review ActivitiesOpen or Close

    Ericson, K. M., Journal of the European Economic Association, Associate Editor, International, Standing Editorship (Edited Multiple Publications), Appointed, Academic. (November 10, 2014 - Present).

    Associate Editor