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Profile Summary

Karen Golden-Biddle is Senior Associate Dean, Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Organizational Behavior at Boston University School of Management. She studies organizational and system transformation, and is especially interested in highly professionalized settings such as healthcare and universities with socially significant missions. Currently, she is integrating her work on discovery processes in research with her ethnographic studies of change to theorize how people in organizations come to collectively create and sustain desired change, e.g. the creation and enactment of innovative care delivery models that foster high quality patient-centric care and better patient outcomes. Her latest book (Golden-Biddle and Dutton, 2012) brings together a diverse and talented group of organizational scholars to examine the creation of desired societal change in the domains of poverty and low wage work; environment and sustainability; and health care access and innovation. A special section also profiles individual and collective change agency. Information on this book can be found at: http://www.psypress.com/using-a-positive-lens-to-explore-social-change-and-organizations 9780415878869

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    Ph D, Case Western Reserve University, Managerial and Policy Studies, 1988.

    MBA, Case Western Reserve University, Managerial and Policy Studies, 1981.

    BA, Denison University, Modern Languages, 1976.

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    GSM MS711 A1 Language of Business 1

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    Journal Articles:

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    Book Chapters:

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    Other Publications:

      Golden-Biddle, K., (2013). How micro-moves can drive major health care change.: Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

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    Invited Lectures:

      Golden-Biddle, K., (Presenter & Author), CARMA, The craft of writing qualitative research, CARMA, Detroit. (March 15, 2015).

      Golden-Biddle , K., (Presenter and Author), Liminality as cultural process for cultural change, Boston University School of Management, Boston, MA. (May 16, 2012).

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    Douglas McGregor Best Paper Award, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Research. (June 27, 2013).

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