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    Ph D, University of California at Berkeley, Business Administration with an emphasis in Economic Analysis and Policy, 1982.

    MBA, University of California at Berkeley, Economics Analysis and Policy, 1979.

    BA, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, Economics (with Great Distinction), 1970.

    Other, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden, Study Abroad Program, September 1968 - August 1969, 1969.

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    GSM FE822 F1 Fixed Income Markets

    SMG FE429 A1 Futures, Options & Financial Risk Management

    SMG SM455 A1 Management Honors Seminar

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    Working Papers:

    Other Publications:

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  • Research PresentationsOpen or Close

    Invited Lectures:

      Smith, D. J. (Author Only). 14th Annual Conference Financial Risk, Understanding CVA, DVA, and FVA: Examples of Interest Rate Swap Valuation, Asabancaria (Colombian Association of Commercial Banks), Cartagena, Colombia. (August 22, 2016).

      Smith, D. J. (Author Only). Financial Education Association, Understanding CVA, DVA, and FVA: Examples of Interest Rate Swap Valuation, Financial Education Association, Savannah, Georgia. (September 19, 2014).

      Smith, D. J. (Author Only). Boston Security Analysts Society, Understanding CVA, DVA, and FVA: Examples of Interest Rate Swap Valuation, Boston Security Analysts Society, Boston, MA. (September 12, 2014).

      Smith, D. (Presenter and Author). Risk Seminar on OIS Derivative Discounting: Practical Examples and Future Challenges, An Anecdotal History of Interest Rate Swap Pricing and Valuation, Incisive Media, New York, NY. (November 30, 2012).

    Accepted Lectures:

      Smith, D. (Other). Financial Education Association, Alternative Designs for Inflation-Linked Bonds: P-Linkers vs. C-Linkers, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (September 1, 2009).

      Smith, D. (Other). Financial Education Association, A Primer on Bond Portfolio Value at Risk, Hilton Head, SC. (September 1, 2008).

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    Top Ten Downloads, SSRN, Research. (April 22, 2012).

    My paper, Valuing Interest Rate Swaps Using OIS Discounting was on several Top 10 lists, now has 1,799 downloads since March 2012