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    PH D, Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Public Policy, 1987.

    MA, Harvard University, John. F. Kennedy School of Government, Public Policy, 1985.

    BS, Cornell University, Industrial and Labor Relations, 1983.

    Other, University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Economics, 1981.

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    Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director, Transparency Policy Project, Harvard Kennedy School of Government. (2001 - Present).

    Faculty Member / Fellow, Harvard Law School Labor and Worklife Program. (1987 - Present).

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    Broderick Prize for Teaching, Boston University School of Management, Teaching. (May 15, 2013).

    Peter and Deborah Wexler Professor of Management, Boston University School of Management, Research. (October 15, 2013).

    Nomination as Wage and Hour Administrator, US Department of Labor, Service, Professional. (September 10, 2013).

    Nominated by President Barack Obama

    Best MBA Professor Cohort C 2012, MBA Student Association, Teaching. (May 1, 2012).
    Selected by first year MBA students, cohort C, as favorite professor

    National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Research. (June 1, 2011).
    Selected to participate in an NAS Panel on disclosure of information on food safety.

    Fulbright Senior Scholar, J. William Fulbright Scholarship Committee, Research. (February 1, 2008).

    Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar, Boston University School of Management, Research. (September 1, 2006).

    Shingo Prize for Research on Manufacturing Innovations. (May 1, 2000).
    (for the book, "A Stitch in Time: Lean Retailing and the Transformation of Manufacturing.")



      Sam Litzinger Show, 3/26/2007, WTWP (Washington Post Radio).
      Thom Hartmann Show, 3/28/2007, Air America / Sirius.

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